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Install New Cabinets to Update Your Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen is a big project. Lucky for you, the team at Garcia Family Contractors is here to help with the most important part, the cabinets. Our team can help you choose the perfect cabinets to match the style of your new kitchen, giving it a modern update you’ll love. We can also provide cabinetry for other areas of the home, including the bathroom, bedrooms, and more. You’ll find a variety of styles and finishes to choose from, and you’ll get the opportunity to work with a qualified member of our team who will help you meticulously plan your space. If you’re ready to discuss your project, please reach out to us today. We’ll schedule a consultation and provide a free estimate.

close up of employee installing cabinets

Transform Your Space with New Cabinets

Have you considered remodeling your kitchen, but aren’t sure if you want to go all-in and totally replace your cabinets? While we offer cabinet painting services to bring new life to your existing cabinets, replacing your cabinets provides a lot of benefits as well.

Update the look of your kitchen

Your cabinets are a main focal point in your kitchen, so if they are beginning to look worn and outdated, they can bring down the entire room. Installing new cabinets will give your space a fresh and modern look your old cabinets just couldn’t achieve.

Maximize storage space

If your current cabinets weren’t designed with maximum storage in mind, you could be wasting valuable space. We’ll evaluate your current layout and help you find a better way to store your items, if possible.

Repair broken or damaged cabinets

Poorly-constructed cabinets can break down over time. Water leaks can cause irreparable damage to cabinetry. When either of these occur, you know it’s time for an update. We’ll help you choose the best cabinets to replace your existing ones.

Professional Cabinet Installation in Fort Myers, FL

In addition to helping you choose the perfect cabinets for your space, we’ll also provide professional installation at your home. We have a team of experienced installers to expertly place and secure your cabinetry. Call us today to learn more about our cabinetry sales and installation services in Fort Myers and across Southwest Florida.

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